CHICAGO (CBS) — They want a democracy do-over. Egypt’s first democratically elected president was removed from power after barely a year in office.

Millions of protesters packed Tahrir Square screaming, lighting fireworks over the removal of President Mohammed Morsi. They’re upset over Morsi’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Tonight, Morsi is said to be under house arrest.

From atop a Norridge three-flat, street level jubilance plays out in the living room

“I’m concerned for the future of Egypt, the homeland where I was born and raised,” said Egyptian American Ahmed Rehab.

He’s wanted and waited for this, but even his friends are divided and some of his friends are there. On Facebook, one said on his wall, “You can put lipstick on a pig but it is still a pig.”

At Ali Baba’s on West Lawrence, hookah smoke and revolution veil the room.

“I’m really proud. It’s a happy day for every Egyptian,” said Egyptian-American Taha Masri.

“It’s the best day in the history of Egypt,” said Alex Attia, Ali Baba owner.

Ousted Mohamed Morsi, after a mere year has been tossed out, a year was time enough they say.

“They failed. They failed completely. They did nothing good for the country,” said Attia.

“In the immediate I am wary that the first democratically elected president has been ousted by extra-democratic means,” said Ahmed Rehab.

That said, “I would bet on the Egyptian people even if they don’t get it right at first they will eventually get it right,” said Ahmed Rehab.

This is a strike against the Muslim Brotherhood and the former leader’s party. Those CBS 2 spoke with say a main concern was the threat he brought of a religious authoritarian rule.

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