By Dana Kozlov

CHICAGO (CBS) — For the first time, a woman speaks out about an attack that left her in a coma and she wants to know why nothing’s being done to protect others.

The man accused of beating Jen Hall is in jail again, this time for going after a woman on Monday at the same store. CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov talked with Hall today.

“It’s been a huge struggle for more than one reason for many reasons: Physical, emotional, depression.”

You can’t see the scars from Jen Hall’s vicious 2008 beating, but they’re there and not just physically, but emotionally.

‘I don’t know if I’ll ever be the same but I’m trying,” said Hall.

Hall was walking out of a South Loop Jewel with her boyfriend in August of 2008 when Derrick King and his girlfriend asked for a cigarette.

“Next thing I knew I was waking up in the hospital,” said Hall.

Hall was put in a drug-induced coma and left with with 85 staples in her scalp, no hair and only six teeth left. King was arrested but allowed to plead guilty to two counts of robbery.

Attempted murder and aggravated battery charges against him were dismissed. 14 months later, King, a model prisoner, was released early and is arrested numerous times after that. Then this week, King allegedly attacked another women at the same Jewel.

“He should not be in the community, period,” said Jen Hall’s attorney, Marty Dolan.

Hall and Dolan are suing the chain.

When asked if he believes Jewel was deficient in its security, Dolan said, ”No question. There’s ample evidence to support the fact that there is high crime area.”

But they are concerned about another issue too. How King, a man with this thick rap sheet, is even on the street at all.

“I’m sad about the other people that have been attacked because he keeps getting out. He’s a monster.”

As to why more serious charges were never filed then and in subsequent arrests against Derrick King, the state’s attorney’s office wouldn’t comment. Calls to Supervalu, Jewel’s parent company, about the pending lawsuit were not returned.

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