(CBS) – Usually, when you hear about a sink hole you hear it swallowed up a car or even a house.

But in East Joliet this week, a sink hole swallowed up a woman.

After visiting the doctor, she told CBS 2’s Pamela Jones all about it.

The hole may look small from the outside, but underground it opened up enough to swallow a woman up to her hip.

Tina Sanchez says it happened Monday near her home at Modern Mobile Home Park in Joliet.

Sanchez says she took a shortcut walking between some trailers to visit a neighbor. When she stopped to talk with her son, pavement crumbled.

“I’m under the ground. I’m under the ground like just literally trying to push myself up,” she recalls. “The more I pushed to get up, the further I would fall.”

Tina Sanchez’  fall has left her limping. She’s tending bruises on her backside with ice.

She wants the owner here to fill the hole properly to keep her neighbors safe.

“My concern is all the little kids playing. Had one of them went in there, they wouldn’t have come back out because I was all the way up to here,” she says, putting her hand at her hip.

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