CHICAGO (CBS) — Most people might not expect a surf shop in Chicago on the shores of Lake Michigan.

“It’s kind of funny because they’ll come around the corner and have never seen our shop before… and they’ll say, ‘What is this?’ And there’s no waves.

“And you’ll hear one of our instructors say, ‘Well, there was waves on Tuesday or there’s gonna be waves then. You should’ve been out for that.”

Larry Scharmota is the owner of the Chicago Surf Shop at Montrose Beach.

His instructors Darryn Manley, Jesse Flores and Danielle Dobias teach people on land to surf, using the Ripsurfer.

“It’s just a piece of plastic and three air bags underneath it, and it’s all strapped on with like bungee cords.”

WBBM: It’s kind of a high-tech balance board.


“It cuts the learning curve in half…

“Come up to the front of the board and get into a crouched position. All it consists of is popping up. Stay in a crouched position. Back foot back, planted. And you want to stay in a crouched position until you find your balance. And that’s when you can stand up.”

And when the waves come, you go out on the lake.

“I always wondered as a kid, when you see people on the beach going out and getting up, standing up for five seconds and then coming back. And you wonder why they are doing that for five seconds of enjoyment.

“The first time you get up it kind of dawns on you that the feeling you get from it is like nothing else.”

WBBM: Does anybody ever say, “Cowbunga!” anymore?

“No, they don’t, unfortunately.”

But they do say things like, “Get pitted. So pitted.”

Chicago Surf Shop is on Montrose Beach into October.

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