(CBS) The Jaguars are giving their fans a reason to come to EverBank Field in Jacksonville.

Though the Jags’ on-field product is subpar at best, the organization announced it will turn one of its popular patios into a high-tech fantasy football lounge for the 2013 season.

According to a report, the air-conditioned, WiFi-equipped lounge will hold between 200 and 300 fans, complete with 20 high-definition televisions which will air other games around the NFL, including the NFL Red Zone channel.

“This is designed to address the way our fans love watching football,” Jaguars Senior VP/Fan Experience Hussain Naqi said. “That includes a positive WiFi experience and the ability to see out-of-town games.”

The fantasy football lounge will also feature a fully-stocked bar that overlooks the field, so Jaguars fans will be able to, you know, watch the Jaguars play.

“Any NFL team is going to be looking to eliminate the obstacles that would prevent people from coming to the stadium,”Naqi said. “They want to be able to check fantasy scores, be able to access WiFi with no problems at all, and to do so in sort of a lounge-type setting.”

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