(CBS) –A woman and a six-year-old girl were wounded in a shooting Friday night. The six-year-old was shot in the chest and at last report is in critical condition Advocate Christ Medical Center.

The woman is in stable condition. She was shot in her right thigh.

Both had been attending a prayer vigil here on the 300 block of W. 105th St. here in Roseland last night. That’s when two men nearby started shooting at each other. Neither of them were hurt, but instead the six-year-old child and 52-year-old woman were shot.

CBS 2 spoke to that woman’s sister-in-law about what happened.

“The little girl was out there playing with the other little kids. She got hit by a bullet and she got up and ran and fell down right here on my porch,” said Vanessa Ross.

“It’s constantly shooting around here, all the time. I’m not going to say every day but every other day I hear a shooting. It’s too much,” said Ross.

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