Many people go into the medical field hoping to find a financially stable career that provides help to others. Mariana Burgos is a great example of how you can take your role in the medical field to the next level in terms of using your education to provide help, not just to individual patients but to a community in need. Mariana has over 30 years of experience in working with Presence Resurrection Medical Center, with over a year in nursing administration and eight years in her current role in health management.

Presence Health has locations throughout Illinois, with five located in Chicago. She is currently working with Presence Resurrection Medical Center in Chicago with the Community Health Needs Assessment which is dealing with the four top health issues of chronic disease prevention, mental health issues, navigating resources and senior issues.


Health Administrator Mariana Burgos (image courtesy of Mariana Burgos)

Health Administrator Mariana Burgos (image courtesy of Mariana Burgos)

What is your current role and work history in terms of nursing and health administration? 

“I hold a supervisor role at Presence Resurrection Medical Center in community benefits, community relations, community health needs analysis and health management [through its] fitness center. I am also a house manager in nursing administration. In the 30 years of working with Presence Resurrection Medical Center, I have held roles in the Medical-Surgical Unit for the inpatient alcoholic program, women’s and children’s unit, pediatric division and in-house registry.”

What is your educational background and how has it helped with your current role? 

“I have a bachelor of science in psychology, a bachelor of science in nursing, a master of public heath as well as being a certified pediatric nurse. Obtaining my master of public health and certification in health education and promotion has helped me focus on community health and prevention and wellness. With the Affordable Care Act, there is a shift in health care to prevention. My education prepared me for the community health needs assessment process from planning the community survey, collecting and analyzing the data, implementing action plans and strategic goals and objectives and evaluating their outcomes. Health education is based on community needs.”

How are you using your knowledge and experience in your current role? 

“My education has helped me achieve my goals of caring, educating and being involved with the community. This is an exciting time for healthcare as we are moving from the hospital setting back into the community. The focus is on the person, their family and the community  they live in. Working together as a collaborative team along with our community partners benefits us all and makes our communities healthier places to be. We are making an impact — one person, one family, one community at a time.”

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