By Adam Hoge-

BOURBONNAIS, Ill. (CBS) — No player was more noticeable in Friday’s opening training camp practice than Bears tight end Martellus Bennett.

And the show didn’t stop after practice ended.

After catching more passes than anyone else Friday — both on designed plays and Jay Cutler check-downs — Bennett didn’t spare his thoughts on any topic, no matter how weird they were.

Here’s some of what Bennett — who dubbed himself “the most interesting person on the team” — had to say:

On the coolest people in the world… “Me and my wife are probably two of the coolest people in the world. It’s like Jay and Beyonce, then it’s me and my wife, and then it’s David Beckham and Victoria.”

On dinosaurs: “I love dinosaurs. They’re my favorite animal. I still do believe that they exist. That may sound crazy, but I do. And, you know, I go by Martysaurus Rex. You can add ‘Saurus Rex’ to your name too. What’s your name?”

On pork chops (which came up when he was asked if he’s ever been to Mike Ditka’s restaurant): “I don’t eat pork. I’m not Muslim, but I don’t really eat pork.”

Finally, on playing with a bigger contract: “It’s like the Spiderman quote, ‘To whom much is given, much is expected.’”

And when someone pointed out that that quote is actually from the Bible, Bennett responded: “Jesus said it. Peter Parker’s uncle said it. I mean, it’s been around for a long time.”

Fair enough.

Cutler’s Safety Net

Bennett may have some odd thoughts, but it doesn’t appear to bother Cutler. The two of them have actually hit it off early and that is evident both on and off the field.

On the field, it was obvious even in Friday’s unpadded practice that Cutler is going to target Bennett a lot. And with Brandon Marshall already being a favorite target of Cutler’s and Alshon Jeffery earning respect from the quarterback as well, that should open up the offense more this season.

Meanwhile, off the field, the tight end and the quarterback are spending plenty of time together.

“When we watch film I sit right behind him so I can whisper in his ear,” Bennett said. “It sounds kind of creepy, but I sit right behind him so I can whisper in his ear and ask him, ‘Hey, is that what you wanted?’ And he’ll just give me a thumb up. I know I probably get on his nerves because I’m always talking to him.”

Bennett said he learned from Tony Romo and Jason Witten in Dallas how important it is to communicate with the quarterback. And considering communication has been an issue with Cutler in the past, this is at least a good sign early on.

Of course, we’ll wait and see what happens when something goes wrong.

Today’s Trestmanism:

“If we jump offsides, it’s not that person that’s jumping offsides, the team just jumped offsides.”

Adam Hoge covers the Bears for and is a frequent contributor to 670 The Score. Follow him on Twitter at @AdamHoge.

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