When it comes to a functioning workspace, one of the most important aspects in this technologically driven world is the ability to have properly working servers. Jexet Technologies is a Chicago-based company that provides I.T. support for local companies that have 10 or more computers. Jexet is a company willing to stand behind its services and products with a 120-day unconditional money-back guarantee in writing.

Roy Yuan has an extensive background as a senior network engineer and is currently the service manager for Jexet Technologies in Chicago. Roy shows how his educational background and experience in the I.T. field has been an integral part in his role at Jexet Technologies.

Senior Network Engineer Roy Yuan (photo courtesy of Roy Yuan)

Senior Network Engineer Roy Yuan (photo courtesy of Roy Yuan)

What is your educational background? 

“I hold a degree in mechanical design and I.T. automation. I was a student of Cisco Network Academy back in 2004. The courses I took were CCNP — Cisco Certified Network Profession — and CCSP — Cisco Certified Security Profession. Currently I hold certifications in CCNP, CCSP and CCAI.”

How do you feel your education helped in your overall success? 

“My current position deals mostly in technical-related problems, advanced network troubleshooting and server issues. College helped me understand general computer systems and figure out my career goals. When I was a student at Cisco Network Academy, I also worked for the Network Data Center. I received a lot of real-world practice in applications I learned through study. Structured academics along with real world experience helped me better understand customer needs and quickly identify the real cause of the issue. As a senior network engineer, I feel that my educational background was the foundation that helped me provide excellence in customer service.”

What duties are included in your current position? 

“I am responsible for planning, designing and analyzing Jexet’s service according to best practices, while ensuring high levels of customer service quality and availability. I collaborate with marketing, finance and business intelligence to resolve day-to-day issues, as well as larger I.T.-related analytical and research initiatives. I also design, implement and maintain I.T. solutions for clients to improve their computing and resolution activities. I am in charge of data center management and advanced network and server troubleshooting.”

What advice would you give others looking to go into I.T.? 

“There are so many products and solutions out there, and unless you know exactly what to look for, it can be a little overwhelming. This can lead to making wrong decisions. Knowing how to use the program or tools is good, but more important is to understand why it works that way. Learning the protocol and language behind the configuration and settings can help you find the real cause of the problem. This is the key to understanding advanced problems in I.T.”

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