State Sen. Bill Brady Calls For Metra Shake-Up

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John Cody. John Cody
John Cody is a veteran reporter for Newsradio 780.
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(CBS) — State Senator Bill Brady says Metra has lost its ability to be effective, reports WBBM’s John Cody.

The GOP gubernatorial hopeful wants lawmakers to order a wholesale housecleaning.

“It will abolish the current Metra board and create new standards and a new board,” said Brady.

Senator Brady suggests term limits so board member’s renewal cannot be threatened as they, “would be limited to one, six-year term. In addition to that the chairman would be limited to one two-year term.”

And Brady calls of Illinois Lawmakers this summer to require publication of any communications from anyone suggesting hires and contracts for the commuter rail service.

He also recommends Chairman Brad O”Halloran step down.

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