(WSCR) When Bears general manager Phil Emery made the decision to hold all contract extensions until after the season, some questioned his decision.

Like kicker Robbie Gould.

But in an interview with The McNeil and Spiegel Show on Friday, Emery said delaying contract extensions is not only common around the league, it can be beneficial for the player.

“In a lot of ways, it allows the player to show his best,” Emery said. “It allows him to be in a really good position and also allows the club to look at things and evaluate it at the end of the year. … It’s not unusual. I know a number of teams won’t do deals after September 1 and they’ve had fine seasons. People like the Stealers, so (it’s) not an unusual thing.”

Emery did admit he would “talk” about extensions, but said his “inclination” is to let things play out during the 2013-14 season.

“We’re always open to talking to people, but obviously with the situation we’re in with the cap and the number of players that are up, I think the fairest thing to do is to come out and say that our inclination is to not (offer in-season contract extensions).”

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