(CBS) — It’s been one year since the gunfire and chaos of the Oak Creek Sikh Temple in Wisconsin. When it was over, six people were dead and five others injured. Monday night, the community that rallied around the temple after the shooting is once again coming together.

CBS 2’s Chris Martinez was at the vigil.

Even a year later, the grief is raw. What remains a place of worship still open to all is not quite yet whole again.

“It is difficult to be at the temple because it’s a reminder every time you come back,” said Pardeep Kalekam.

Pardeep’s father was the temple president who was one of six shot to death when Wade Michael Page walked into this building and opened fire.

Page would later aim his assault at police, wounding one before being wounded himself by another.

On this first anniversary, some still fear it could happen again, which is the reason why the temple is now watched by a guard and security cameras and furnished with bulletproof windows and doors.

“I don’t wanna say it gets easier but I don’t wanna say it gets tougher either because we have her memories to live by and get through the times and balance it out a little bit, so it doesn’t get tough but it doesn’t get easier either,” said Kamal Jitsaini, whose mother was killed in the shooting.

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