(CBS) — It’s been a very itchy couple of weeks for some people who participated in an obstacle race in LaSalle County.

Some people who ran the Super Spartan Race in Marseilles on July 20th and 21st have been complaining about pinky blotchy skin that itches intensely.

The Illinois Public Health Department just wrapped up an online survey, in which they found about 75 percent of the 1,700 people who responded have what they believe is poison ivy rash.

Dr. Connie Austin, an infectious disease epidemiologist with the department, said diagnosis is tough since there’s no test for poison ivy.

Many of those suffering started using their own remedies – which Austin said could make the rash worse.

Spartan Race CEO Joe DeSena said they haven’t had the problem at their 70 other locations are now ” maniacal about poison ivy.”

That means, going forward, if they see poison ivy near the course, they won’t run there, DeSena said.

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