CHICAGO (CBS) — Several hundred supporters of deposed Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi rallied outside the Egyptian Consulate and marched in the River North area on Friday.

In the shadow of Chicago’s skyscrapers, more than 200 demonstrators gathered.

Many were supporters of Morsi.

Others didn’t agree with how he led the country, but are angry with the new government’s crackdown and bloodshed.

Hundreds of people have died in the uprising over the ouster of Morsi.

“I am against what happened to the people,” said Mazoza Abdullah.

“It’s important for me because these people, you know, killed are innocent people.”

Another protester, Maggy Shamekh, said: “Our hearts are bleeding for our fellow Egyptian citizens.

“And it’s so sad that people are trying to justify what’s happening and to justify the slaughter of our fellow Egyptians.”

The protest leader, Mohammed Raha, called the Egyptian military “murderers” and blamed the military for the spiraling violence in Egypt.

The protesters also called on President Obama to make an unequivocal denunciation of the military coup that deposed Morsi and urged the President to halt U.S. aid to the Egyptian military.

“He should call it what it is, a military coup,” Raha said.

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