By Gregg Doyel-

(CBS) Haters gonna hate, but Ohio State coach Urban Meyer is becoming somebody to like.

Lots of you don’t like him. What happened at Florida was so awful you’ll never get over it. Up to a point, I understand that. What happened at Florida will follow Meyer for the rest of his career, and that’s the way it goes. Decisions have consequences, whether you’re a college football player telling your girlfriend it’s time to die or whether you’re that player’s coach, telling him — and so many of his police-challenged teammates — that he can stay on your team.

People screw up, and we judge them. Lots of us have judged Urban Meyer because of what happened at Florida, but here’s the thing: His story didn’t end at Florida. That was a mind-boggling story, true crime meets Mad Magazine, something so awful that it was kind of funny. How many players were arrested in his five years there? Enough to fill out one entire recruiting class and spill over into the next? That’s so awful … we’re laughing. And we’re laughing at you, Urban.

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