By Mike Puccinelli

CHICAGO (CBS) — A surveillance camera captured video of suspects after a home invasion where a man was badly beaten. The incident happened in the 2600 block of West Potomac Avenue in the Humboldt Park neighborhood.

The men caught running on the tape may be home invaders who just robbed and beat a man in Humboldt Park. It happened police say after they forced their way into his home at around six o’clock this morning.

“He was followed to his house and he was robbed. I guess they wanted to take his wallet,” said neighbor Vera Montanez.

Montanez caught the video on her home’s surveillance system. She knew something was wrong when she looked outside at around six o’clock this morning and saw her normal quiet block swarming with police. So she checked her video and saw men she’s convinced are the perpetrators running from the scene of the crime.

“I saw two suspicious males running,” said Montanez.

Police say the attackers only stopped pummeling their victim when they were surprised by his roommate who was awakened by all the commotion. But by then he’d been severely beaten.

“All bloody in the face, but he was conscious,” said neighbor Melissa McLeod.

Stephen McLeod was on his way to work when he saw the victim being helped into an ambulance.

“He had a bandage or ice pack all over his eye,” said Stephen McLeaod. “He looked like he was in obvious pain.

Police did stop by to pick up a copy of the surveillance video from Montanez, but so far there have been no arrests in the case.

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