BURBANK (CBS) — Two high schools in this south suburb are meeting tonight on the football field for the first time in what they’re calling “The Battle of Burbank.”

The sign in front of The Dugout restaurant on 79th Street reads: “Battle Of Burbank: Rams vs. Vikes.”

“I just thought it was a salute to the town for both teams,” said Dugout owner Mike DeStefano, who added there is a lot of excitement leading up to the game between St. Laurence and Reavis.

He’s a Reavis alum.

“I wish them both well,” DeStefano said. “For me, the town won.”

Down the street at City Hall, longtime Mayor Harry Klein was asked if the town was divided.

“I don’t think they are divided,” he said. “It’s in the spirit of competition.”

Up and down 79th Street, visitors can see signs for the game, even at the local McDonald’s.

“People are taking it very seriously,” said Klein. “I understand there is some betting on the game.”

The mayor does have a division–in his own family. His son went to St. Laurence and a daughter went to Reavis.

“I am not going to take a side,” Klein said.

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