(CBS) — Police have just released the sketch of a suspect wanted in the attempted rape of an off-duty Chicago police officer earlier this week.

The short-haired suspect is believed to be Hispanic. Police say he forced the officer to the ground at Bryn Mawr and Lowell on Thursday afternoon and attempted to remove her clothes.

The jogging trail where the attack occurred was mostly empty Friday, except for police.

Resident Darren Scosza learned the details in an alderman’s email Friday morning.

“I sent the email to my wife because she sometimes walks this, too, and I was like, you know, keep an eye out,” he tells CBS 2’s Chris Martinez.

The suspect was riding a bicycle before the attack. The officer he targeted fought back hard enough to drive the man away.

Still, talk of the ordeal lingers.

“I won’t go up there at all today,” Deirdre Kilgallon says. “If you go up there it’s like you’re baiting. So, stay away a little while and kind of let things calm down.”

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