(CBS) — A new Cook County program that recovers at risk children is being called a success.

It is called the Cook County Child Protection Response Unit and it was formed in October of last year.

“By and large these runaways, in some cases they are children that were taken by a parent or a relative. We go out an attempt to find them and we have been quite successful to date,” said Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart.

Dart says in just six months they rescued more than 211 children, many females who are at risk of being sexually trafficked.

“The ones that are more difficult for us to find usually are the older ones, particularly when it comes to young girls because as we know from our child trafficking units, they are the ones that have big targets on them from the pimps and the traffickers,” said Dart.

Dart says the unit was formed because local authorities didn’t have the staff or resources to keep up with the demand.

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