CHICAGO (CBS) — As kids get back into the routine of school, one mom complains the longer CPS school day plus homework leaves little time for anything else.

Claire Wapole is trying to teach her three children self-sufficiency, so she expects them to put away their laundry.

The North Side mom says after seven hours of class plus homework, her seventh grader, fifth grader and first grader don’t have time.

So she joked in a blog about sending to school the stuff her children don’t finish at home.

That includes laundry, sports equipment, musical instruments and family pets.

Since the blog post was published Tuesday, Wapole says she’s heard from a lot of parents who also feel their kids give all they have at school and should be able to spend the time outside of it on other activities.

She doesn’t blame the teachers.

She says some have told her they’re required to give out 30 minutes of homework each night.

And some parents complain that’s not enough.

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