CHICAGO (CBS) — As Congress prepares to re-convene and consider the President’s plan for military strikes against Syria, demonstrations in opposition are taking place across the country, including here in Chicago.

There was a demonstration on the Federal Plaza today, as activists and others opposed to military strikes against Syria sought to send a message to members on Congress who take up the volatile issue next week.
There were perhaps 300 people there.

They chanted “hands off Syria, no new war,” and some held signs suggesting that President Obama return his Nobel Peace prize if he sends cruise missiles as pay-back for Syria’s alleged use of chemical weapons on more than 1,400 civilians.

“What gives me hope is that the people don’t want. The fact that such a large percentage of the population is against this war, doesn’t want more money spent on this war, I think that is what the most powerful ingredient is,” said John Beacham of Action Chicago.

Joe Iosbaker with the Anti-War Committee Chicago said their efforts are working, the President is not winning over Congress.

“The logic of it can be attacked from so many different directions but the basic one is this: The people in this country don’t want a war,” said Iosbaker.

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