CHICAGO (CBS) — President Obama’s speech was watched with particular interest by Chicagoans of Syrian descent.

Talal Sunbulli is President of the Syrian-American Council’s Chicago chapter and thinks President Obama should be doing more.

“We’re a peace loving people but sometimes an action should be made.”

Sunbulli was disappointed in President Obama’s speech, saying he minimized it only to chemical weapons and neglected to stress that Bashar Assad’s regime has also killed civilians with conventional weapons.

Sunbulli says he realizes many American voters and leaders are tired of military action but believes “silence is unacceptable” when it comes to Syria. We have seen what happened in Bosnia. We have seen what happened in Rwanda.”

And Sunbulli believes what is happening in Syria can spill over to other countries, noting there has been an increase in violence in Lebanon in recent weeks.

Sunbulli stresses that he believes Syrians don’t want the U.S. to take over Syria. “We’re looking only to make him (Assad) incapable of killing more civilians.”

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