CHICAGO (CBS) — A West Garfield Park man jumped from the attic of his burning home this afternoon.

People in the neighborhood saw smoke coming from the top floor of the house at 4043 West Carroll (near Pulaski Road), about 3 p.m.

Beverly Moore says she watched as a man in the attic tried to grab a cord attached to the outside of the house and ease himself down, but she says the cord gave way.

“Up there in the attic, where the fire come from.”

WBBM: So it’s basically three floors up?

“Right, he jumped. I saw him swinging on the cord here, trying to stand on the rooftop (above the second floor) and that cord was right there and… he pulled it – and boom. He fell.”

WBBM: Was he conscious?

“Yeah. I helped get all the blood off and everything.”

The fire department says the man was taken to the hospital in fair condition.

The heat of the day made things worse for firefighters.

The fire department says the fire started in the rear of the attic. No working smoke detectors were found in the home.

Moore says at least seven people were living in the house.

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