By Adam Hoge-

HALAS HALL (CBS) It’s not often that players have a deeper understanding of an opponent than a coaching staff.

Coaches are notoriously detailed when it comes to preparation and they’ll look at any piece of information that they think will help them.

But when it comes to the Bears’ brand new coaching staff preparing for this week’s opponent, their own players, who know Minnesota Vikings well, might be their best resource.

“I talked to the offensive guys about how they see their defense and vice versa,” head coach Marc Trestman said Wednesday. “We’ve got guys, obviously on our staff, that have played against the Vikings, and we have not many on our staff who have played against the Vikings from an offensive standpoint, but we do have coaches that have experience against the Vikings.”

Two of those coaches include running backs coach Skip Peete, who saw the Vikings in the playoffs in 2009, regular season in 2010 and preseason in 2011 while he was with the Dallas Cowboys, and offensive coordinator Aaron Kromer, who played against the Vikings in 2010 and 2011 when he was with the New Orleans Saints.

“I looked at a couple of New Orleans games in 2010 and 2011 in part of our preparation here,” Trestman said. “That is just how we do it.”

Bush TD Right Out Of Bears Playbook?

While the Bears are obviously concerned about Adrian Peterson, the Vikings have to be concerned with Matt Forte after seeing what Reggie Bush did to their defense last week.

Bush ran for 90 yards on 21 carries, but also contributed 101 yards receiving on four catches. Most of that came on his 77-yard touchdown pass, which Bears head coach Marc Trestman said looked just like something they have in their playbook.

“It was a very similar play to the play we ran in our red zone going in, when (Forte) ran into (Kyle Long). It was basically the same play,” Trestman said. “That play had a chance to go out the gate, too. The timing of it, we have a young lineman, he just missed. He didn’t get out quick enough, Matt didn’t re-direct himself and we wound up coming up with nothing there. But it was a very similar play.”

Trestman said the Lions did a good job of getting Bush out in space, which has been an emphasis for the Bears as well.

Allen Not Concerned With Webb’s Information

Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier is getting all the information on the Bears he can from offensive lineman J’Marcus Webb, but defensive end Jared Allen doesn’t seem to care.

“I’ve never been one to go and talk to somebody else about schemes and what they’re going to do,” Allen said in a conference call Wednesday. “They know he’s here, they know he’s got intel on them. I go about my week the same way. I watch my film. Prepare the same way. Sometimes you can obtain too much information and it can mess you up. I’ve been successful with the way I prepare so I’m just going to keep going at it.”

Allen seems more concerned with getting his teammates in the right frame of mind as they travel to Chicago where they haven’t won since 2007.

“You’ve got to understand why you’re there,” Allen said. “We’re not going to Chicago to go down to grab a bite to eat at Gibson’s. We’re there to work. Guys got to truly realize that.”


– Cornerback Charles Tillman (knee) was limited in practice Wednesday, but Trestman expects him to play Sunday. He was the only Bears player listed on the injury report.

– With the heat and threat of rain, the Bears practiced inside the Walter Payton Center Wednesday. Temperatures for Sunday’s game are forecasted to be much cooler.

– The Bears will wear their 1940s throwback uniforms Sunday. They practiced in the plain navy helmets Wednesday and the offensive practice jerseys had orange numbering.

Adam Hoge covers the Bears for and is a frequent contributor to 670 The Score. Follow him on Twitter at @AdamHoge.

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