By Gregg Doyel-

(CBS) It’s happening again. LeBron James is happening. Another round of free agency. Another decision. Another chance for the greatest player of his generation, and possibly the greatest player of any generation, to stack the deck and make it as easy as possible to win another two or three NBA titles.

He’s talking about free agency again, maybe because he was asked, but this is LeBron James. If he doesn’t want to talk about it or deal with the fallout of that discussion, he can refuse to have it. Someone from asked him this week about becoming a free agent after the 2013-14 season, and LeBron answered with brutal honesty. Why he’d answer that way I don’t know. His honesty makes him look bad — scared, weak — but LeBron will be who LeBron will be.

And let me tell you who LeBron is: One of the smartest athletes I’ve ever written about. I don’t mean smart in the “basketball IQ” way, though he has tons of that. I’m talking about smart in the way he processes information at such a fast rate. Look, I’ve sat through scores of LeBron’s press conferences over the years. I see him get asked questions, and I see how he answers them. And I remember what he did to me when I asked a poorly worded question about shrinking during the 2011 NBA Finals: He blew me up. And not with several minutes or even a few seconds to think about how he was going to do it. He instantaneously blew me up with the most perfect answer possible — to a question he didn’t see coming. I walked out of that press conference painfully aware: He’s smarter than I am.

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