Adrian Peterson Total Yards:
Averages 125 total yards per game vs. Bears in his career
Get behind does it mean AP gets fewer touches?
O/U for AP Total Yards:  120.5
Mac – Over    Spiegs -Over

DJ Williams Tackles:
3 last week, a couple assists in there
O/U for Total Tackles:  5.5
Mac – Over     Spiegs – Over

Jon Bostic – On Defense?
Didn’t play a down of D versus Cincinnati
Does he get in for a down versus Minnesota?
O/U for Bostic Defensive Plays:  0.5
Mac – Over    Spiegs – Over

Julius Peppers on Stat Sheet:
Big 0 last week
Tackles, FF, FR, Sacks, QB Hits – How many vs Minn for Peppers?
Averages roughly 4.5 combined tackles, sacks, FF, FR for career
O/U for combined tackles, sacks, qb hits, FF, FR:  4.5
Mac – Under    Spiegs – Over

Christian Ponder Turn Around:
Can Ponder put it together for the Vikings?
1 TD, 3 INT in career vs. Bears
Same numbers last week vs. Lions, 1 TD, 3 INT
What’s the ratio of Ponder TD to INT?:
O/U for Ponder TD to INT Ratio:  1 to 1
Mac – Under    Spiegs – Under

Broadcast Over/Unders:
Does Brian Billick mention his 2000 Ravens Super Bowl Squad in any way?
O/U set at 0.5
Mac – Over    Spiegs – Over

1963 Bears Honored
Does Fox show clips of this at any point in the game?
Ditka here?  If so, they most likely will.
O/U for Clips of 63 Champs Shown:  0.5
Mac – Over    Spiegs – Over

Billick missed coaching with Trestman by 1 year in Minnesota
Does that come  up at all? 
O/U for mentions of missing each other by a year:  0.5
Mac – Under    Spiegs – Under

References to Trestman time in Montreal:
Coming almost undoubtedly once, how about twice?
O/U for References to Trestman in Montreal:  1.5
Mac – Under     Spiegs – Under

Ed Hochuli the Official for Sunday
Number of times Hochuli says “by rule” in penalty or in review:  4.5
Mac – Under   Spiegs – Over   Finfer – Under

Longest Explanation by Hochuli:  17.5 Seconds
Mac – Under    Spiegs – Over    Finfer – Over

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