State Senator Wants To Add 1 Second To Yellow Light At Every Intersection

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John Cody. John Cody
John Cody is a veteran reporter for Newsradio 780.
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(CBS) — An Illinois State Senator hopes the third time’s the charm as he tries to give drivers a break at intersections with red light cameras.

State Senator Dan Duffy wants to add one second to the yellow light at each red light camera intersection in the state and says he thinks this time he has support to get it done.

“I have had people from the black community, the latino community, old people, Republicans, Democrats, independents have been supporting me

As for safety, Duffy says adding one second to the yellow light in Norcross Georgia cut tickets by 80 percent, reduced accidents and ended the use of the city’s two red-light cameras.

He’s hoping for the same in Illinois, though Chicago has argued modifying each traffic signal for a longer yellow would be a major problem.

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