(CBS) — DuPage County is seeing a spike in heroin deaths, and the man who sees most of those victims is trying to educate people of the drug’s evils.

DuPage County Coroner Richard Jorgensen says heroin’s toll in the county is growing. Last year there were 38 deaths all year; this year, there have been that many just through the end of August.

Jorgensen attributed the rise to the opiate being cheaper, more available, and easier to ingest.

He said those taking heroin in the county defy classification – it’s a problem in all cities, socioeconomic levels, and ages. Victims this year have ranged in age this year from 15 to 64.

The coroner has been working to educate more high school students of the problem and get the antidote – a drug called Narcan – into the hands of first responders.

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