By Jim Williams

CHICAGO (CBS) — An explosion capped off a summer of shooting for the latest movie in the Transformers film franchise. The explosion at 29th street along the river made for a rather exciting afternoon.

They walked, drove and rode bikes to a nearby parking lot.

“So it was maybe a good 45 minute ride,” said Leo Traverso.

Transfixed by Transformers and the promise of a spectacle at 29th and Damen, made up to look like a business in China.

“I’ve always been a fan of the Transformers since I was a kid,” said Tony Zamudio.

Farah Javed says she’s been going from set to set as the latest installment of the mega-hit franchise is made in Chicago.

“Kind of like stalking them,” said Javed.

She was joined by her husband, a medical student fresh from the operating room.

“After cutting up some people I thought I should see some nice explosions,” he said.

And what an explosion they all thought it would be there as an old structure next to the silo was blown up.

The movie’s helicopter, camera attached, circled, and circled, and circled.

“They are definitely taking their time,” said Matt Tahia.

Finally, smoke from the ground and an explosion, but the building was still standing.

“It wasn’t that good. I wanted a bigger one, a better one,” said Kendra Bonet.

But it was good enough for Tony Zamudio, who left with the video on his cell phone.

The director of the City’s film office, Rich Moskal, tried to lower expectations of a big explosion, but we just had to see for ourselves.

Filming is wrapping up this week. The Transformers productions have pumped a lot of money into the city’s economy.

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