(CBS) — 36-year old Brian Cooper is accused of killing 21-year old Alisha Bromfield in August of last year. She was six months pregnant at the time.

Cooper and Bromfield returned to a hotel after attending Cooper’s sister’s wedding, when police say he became angry and strangled Bromfield when she told him she wasn’t interested in him romantically.

He was tried in June of two counts of first degree intentional homicide, but a jury was hung on the charges, because he was said to be drunk at the time.

Alisha’s mother Sherry Anicich says Wisconsin is one of dozens of states that has the voluntary intoxication law, a law she says needs to be changed.

“Being drunk is no excuse for murder. We are trying to get a law passed that amends voluntary intoxication that it cannot be used as a defense for murdering,” she said.

When Cooper was on trial, the jury could not agree Cooper was guilty of the murder under current Wisconsin law. “Because the clause in the law states that you couldn’t form intent if you were intoxicated,” explains Anicich.

Anicich is working with two lawmakers to amend the law. While she realizes if the law passes, it will not likely affect her daughter’s murder trial, it can affect future cases.

“If it helps somebody in the future, then we’re hoping that another family doesn’t have to endure a trial or endure someone to walk free because they are intoxicated.”

The Second annual Alisha and Ava Bromfield Baby Drive will be held through November 15th. You can donate baby items that will distributed to local organizations that help single mothers, pregnant women and mothers in need.

For more information, visit alishaandavabromfield.com.

Brian Cooper is scheduled to be re-tried on first degree murder charges in May 2014.

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