CHICAGO (CBS) — Is it possible to distill Chicago into a liquor? At least one company has tried.

Absolut is one of the largest alcohol brands in the world, mostly producing vodka. Based in Sweden, Absolut is so enamored with the City of the Big Shoulders that they’ve created a vodka based on it.

According to the description on their website, “ABSOLUT CHICAGO celebrates a city that is grounded in history and tradition yet constantly looking to the future.”

What does it taste like? Not ketchup, sesame seed buns or — thankfully — a dirty CTA train car.

Absolut’s website describes Absolute Chicago as “rich and aromatic with intriguing herbal notes of rosemary and thyme in a hormonious [SIC] blend with fresh green olives.”

So that’s what Chicago tastes like? Good to know.

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