(CBS) — Was Chicago ready for legalized medicinal marijuana?

Just ask those running the city’s first marijuana clinic and they’ll tell you the answer is yes.

Good Intentions has been flooded with phone calls – 20,000 of them in just a couple of months. They opened up in Wicker Park on Aug. 7 and spokeswoman Tammy Jacobi says they can’t keep up.

Gov Quinn signed a bill this summer that allows people with one of 42 different ailments to legally smoke pot starting in January.

Jacobi has run a similar clinic in Michigan for the last couple of years and says people have been waiting a very long time for this. But they won’t be able to get that marijuana card for a little while longer

“We  have to follow the rules, and as much as we’d like to move this program along as quickly as we can to help some of these patients who are going to pass away before it takes effect,” Jacobi says.

Good Intentions won’t be able to give marijuana to patients, but doctors there will hand out prescriptions for it for a fee of $99.

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