By Brad Edwards

CHICAGO (CBS) — Could the murder of a 70-year old woman in the Edgewater neighborhood have been prevented? One man says maybe. He explained why to CBS 2’s Brad Edwards.

It’s classified in a CPD victim information notice as a simple battery, but it was more than that to the victim. He stayed on it, worried the stranger who attacked him was dangerous, and his hunch was correct.

Last week, neighbors reported a stench emanating from the second floor. Police came and found the body of a 70 year old woman. Her roommate, Mordecai Faskowitz, stands charged with murder.

Maurice La Bonte and his dog had a run in with Faskowitz one month ago, out of nowhere.

“Before I knew it he was in my face and he was yelling, calling me a skinhead. He was totally oblivious to my 50 lb pit bull. He was beginning to react and I was getting a little concerned and I look back and the man was on me. Then he pounded my head on my car and threw me to the ground,” said La Bonte.

Police soon responded.

“It took four of five of them to bring him down,” said La Bonte.

He eventually received a victim information notice, but that was it.

“Nobody from the police department has spoken to me,” said La Bonte. “I wanted to make sure this man who I felt was a true danger — answered to this crime.”

He started working with his alderman, Harry Osterman.

Police confirm — Faskovitz was involuntarily admitted to Lakeshore Hospital‬ and kept there under hospital supervision until, “Apparently this guy was just released came back to his apartment and murdered his roommate. I don’t know, it doesn’t sound right,” said La Bonte.

Osterman said in an email this afternoon, “I have asked the Chicago Police Department to investigate every aspect of this case, including what transpired from the assault in September up to Wednesday’s tragedy.”

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