(CBS) The debate will seemingly go on forever.

Who is the greatest of all time? Michael Jordan or LeBron James?

In an interview with ESPN The Magazine, James recently opened up about who he thinks the greatest basketball player of all time is.

“… I definitely look at MJ as the greatest,” James said. “Without MJ, there’s no me. He gave me hope. He gave me inspiration as a kid. I still watch MJ tapes to this day. I was watching Come Fly With Me and Jordan’s Playground and His Airness on vacation earlier this summer. So I’m watching him all the time, trying to learn from him.”

When asked if he wished he had more of a relationship with Jordan, James responded: “I would like to know what he thinks about my game and ways I can get better. He probably thinks he can beat me one-on-one right now [laughing]. I know he probably thinks that. I know MJ definitely thinks he can beat me one-on-one right now.”

You can read the full interview here.

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