2013′s Week #8 Winner: Trudy’s Peanut Butter Squares

Peanut Butter Squares
By Trudy VanSlooten from

(1 1/3 cup) crushed graham crackers (you can use pre-made)
1 cup (8 oz.) creamy peanut butter
2 1/3 cups confectionery sugar
1 cup margarine, melted
12 oz. pkg. chocolate chips
1 Tbsp. oil

1. Combine graham crackers with peanut butter, sugar and margarine.
2. Spread in a 9 x 13 pan.
3. Microwave chocolate chips and oil for 1 min. Stir. Microwave for another minute.
4. Spread melted chocolate on top of the crust.
5. Chill for 3 hours.
6. Cut into squares.

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