(CBS) — The community hosting the great pumpkin festival is now considering whether it should also be hosting video poker games. WBBM’s John Cody has more on the debate underway in north suburban Highwood.

State Representative Scott Drury opposes video poker in Highwood saying it’s not in keeping with the family friendly aura created by the pumpkin festival and other entertainments.

Alderman Eric Falberg says he’s leaning toward approval of video poker, rejecting the notion video poker would turn Highwood into a gambling mecca

“If anybody really wants to gamble they are going to go down to Rosemont or one of the river boats. This is just an added attraction,” said Falberg.

Alderman Falberg says Highwood could use the revenue bump which he sees as modest and predicts the suburb might well approve video poker sometime later this month.

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