(WSCR) – A busy Friday prevented them from making the air on Friday but here are Matt Spiegel and Laurence Holmes’ Over/Unders for you to play along with during Bears/Lions on Sunday.



Is Jay Cutler really 100%?
Is it a smokescreen Trestman is sending in the Lions direction?
Does Jay perhaps struggle more than we anticipate because of his groin?
O/U for snaps Josh McCown takes:  0.5

Reggie Bush was more to blame for romping in Detroit than Calvin Johnson
173 total yards and touchdown in that game
Can Bears defensive line slow him down enough?
Averaging 121.8 total yards per game this season
O/U for Reggie Bush Total Yards:  145.5


Calvin Johnson targets
Has been targeted 79 times this year in 7 games he’s played (11.2).  10th most targets in league
By comparison AJ Green has been targeted 103 times.  Most in NFL (Averages 11.3 per)
Calvin not usually what/who beats the Bears.  This year different for Bears D, though.
O/U for Calvin Johnson Targets:  10.5

Bears keep the ball out of Lions hands – like they did GB, like Stanford did to Oregon?
If there is doubt about if Cutler is 100% or limited in abilities at all more running?
Also to keep the ball out of Matt Stafford, Reggie Bush and Calvin Johnson’s hands.
180 Touches thru 8 games — 22.5 per game
O/U for Matt Forte Touches – yes, receptions count this week:  25.5

Jay Cutler’s groin will be hot topic
Everytime he scrambles, any time he shows any hint of limp, or perhaps any bad throw
Groin will be mentioned
O/U for mentions of the word “Groin”:  4.5
Tony Siragusa acts out injuries
For some reason feels need to remind us where body parts are
Will he in regards to any injuries on Sunday?
O/U for Tony Siragusa visual representations of where bodily injuries take place:  1.5

Moose Johnston’s wardrobe
Number of different colors in his upper body wardrobe.
Between tie, coat, vest, shirt, scarf?
O/U for Moose Johnston’s Colors seen on upper body wardrobe:  5.5

Ndamukong Suh is a dirty player, no doubt about it
Couple infamous hits on Jay Cutler over the years
Does Fox show any of them in a quick montage?
O/U for Highlights of questionable Ndamukong Suh plays                1.5

This is the second time for this broadcast team of Kenny, Moose and the Goose
Everyone has mentioned Montreal/Canada with Marc Trestman already
In their second go with Bears this year, do they mention it again?
O/U for mentions of Canada, Montreal or Alouettes:  0.5

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