(WSCR) It was obvious to anyone watching the game.

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, fresh off a torn groin muscle that forced him to miss three weeks, was a shell of himself in the second half of the team’s loss to the Lions on Sunday.

For most of the second half, Cutler struggled to plant his foot and make the tough throws. It was clear his mobility was limited. It wasn’t until the Bears were down by eight points with two minutes to play that head coach Marc Trestman opted for Cutler’s backup, Josh McCown.

“The reason the decision to keep (Cutler) in there bothered me so much is that you have a viable option on the bench in McCown,” former Bears defensive end Alex Brown told The Mully and Hanley Show. “We saw that when he came in – he drove the team down the field, got points on the board and put (the Bears) in a position to tie the ball game up. That is a decision that coach Trestman had to make and I think he blew it.

“You should be sitting in a completely different position in the division right now. I think it all came down to just a decision by the head coach to leave Jay in the game when it was apparent that something was wrong – his ankle, his groin, whatever it was, we saw that he didn’t have much, if any, mobility back there.”

After the game, Trestman confirmed that Cutler had rolled his ankle, explaining the quarterback’s lack of mobility.

Making matters worse, the Bears were playing the Lions, a team known for its violent hits against the quarterback.

“That defensive line for the Detroit Lions, they could care less about a personal foul,” Brown said. “They’re going to hit you every single time they get a chance. If your quarterback can’t move then he’s a sitting duck back there.”

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