By Mike Puccinelli

MARENGO, Ill. (CBS) — Most students have today off, but not at one suburban high school. In fact, in Marengo hundreds of veterans are going to class along with the kids today.

As the U.S. armed services flags were marched into Marengo High School, veterans and students stood.

“This year I got the chance to carry a flag and it is very exciting and it means a lot to me,” said Rebecca Schultz, a junior at Marengo Community High School.

It’s a way to bring the meaning of Veterans Day alive for more than 2,200 students from five different Marengo area schools. The schools are in session today even though across the state many schools are off.

“We feel it is important to educate our youth in this community about the importance of Veterans Day,” said Marengo High School Principal Angela Frank.

Hundreds of veterans were in attendance and were individually honored in a roll-call

Some were unable to stand on their own but what’s important today is to remember when they did stand in their country’s time of need.

In Kim Ackman’s case, that was in World War II. But he wasn’t thinking of himself today.

“I really think of the ones that didn’t come home,” said Ackman.

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