7 Meat Chili

By Bill Klimah from Bolingbrook, IL



2 lbs Beef Stew Meat—cubed to ¼” to ½” pieces

2 lbs Ground Pork

2 lbs Ground Beef

½ lb Chorizo

6 oz. Pepperoni-chopped

1 lb. Italian ground sausage

¼ lb. Hickory smoked bacon-chopped

2 Medium to Large Jalapenos-Seeded, Cored & Fine Chopped

1 Large onion-Fine Chopped

2 Large Cans of Diced Tomatoes

2 Quarts V 8 Juice

¼ Cup Chili Powder

3 TBs Dark Brown Sugar

1 TBs Ground Cumin

6 Dashes Lea & Perrin’s

4 TB’s Your favorite BBQ rub

1 Can Beef Broth

6 TBs Extra Virgin Olive Oil-Divided

4 oz. Corona



1.  Heat large skillet: add 3 TBs of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2. Sauté the Chopped Onions and Chopped Jalapenos in the hot oil (don’t overcook). Remove to large chili pot; reserve grease in skillet for next step.

3. Cook Pepperoni in reserved oil until just crisp. Remove and add to large chili pot, save reserve grease for next step.

4. Brown Ground Pork in reserved grease with 3 TBs of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, sprinkle the meat with Kosher Salt. Strain the meat and add to chili pot. Reserve any grease for next step.

5. Cook bacon and add to chili pot, save reserved grease for next step.

6. Brown Ground Beef sprinkled with Kosher Salt in reserved bacon grease and add to chili pot.

7. Brown Italian sausage and add to chili pot.

8. Remove skin from Chorizo, crumble and brown in reserved grease. Add meat to chili pot. Reserve any grease for next step.

9. Brown the Beef Stew Meat in the reserved grease. Drain and discard grease. Add meat to chili pot.

10. Add Diced Tomatoes and V 8 juice to the chili pot.

11. Add remaining ingredients to chili pot, cover with lid, and bring to slow boil. Reduce heat, cover with a lid and simmer for 3 hours before serving. Stir frequently. For additional heat, reserve Jalapeno Seeds and add to simmering chili pot.


Suggestion: Serve over little elbow noodles, along with 3 beers, and a Bears victory.

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