By Brad Edwards

(CBS) – Nine people almost didn’t make it to the weekend Friday when they became trapped in an elevator at the Cook County administration building.

Sheila Atkins, a county employee, got on at the 30th floor and rode the elevator down at 69 W. Washington St. That was at 4:30 p.m.

Near the bottom, the elevator stopped, and the doors wouldn’t open. She was stuck with eight other people in a five-by-seven elevator car.

“People sort of introduced themselves and just sort of chatted,” Atkins tells CBS 2’s Brad Edwards.

They chatted. And chatted.

“I didn’t think we thought it was going to take this long,” the employee says.

When the elevator doors opened after two hours, the occupants were checked out by paramedics. All were OK.

Officials blame an electrical malfunction.

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