CHICAGO (CBS) — A group of activists who want to clean-up urban hip hop radio say its poisoning young minds and they’re trying to pressure one of the biggest radio advertisers to join their fight.

On the sidewalk outside the McDonald’s restaurant at 65th Street and Stony Island, the activist use bullhorns and conversations with patrons to try to make their point.

Dwight Taylor was holding a bullhorn and a sign reading, in part, “stop disrespecting our women and children.”
He also had the lyrics to several songs that he finds objectionable. They include liberal use of the n-word, the b-word and references to drugs and violence.

He notes that this is the nation’s first black-owned McDonald’s and says, “you would think that they would have some influence over what’s played on the radio in this community.”

He says censorship, in this case, would be appropriate.

These protesters are calling their effort the “Clear the Airwaves Project.”

Kwabena Rasuli is the founder. He says he’s fighting, “garbage, disrespectful, misogynistic, hateful murder music that’s on the radio and black radio in particular.”

Rasuli says they want McDonald’s to stop advertising on stations playing such music.

He says they had similar demonstrations outside a Menards and succeeded in the getting the company to pull advertising.

He says people would think that especially the black owners of McDonald’s restaurants would want to be take part in an effort to better their community.

Rasuli says, there’s plenty of hip-hop music that’s not about glorifying sex, drugs and violence.

We’ve reached out to the Black McDonald’s Operator’s Association for a response.

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