CHICAGO (CBS) — Soldier Field is getting ready for noon kickoff – and a storm that’s coming through.

The flags out front? Taken down. Same with the tents.

And Spokesman Luca Serra says if there’s lightning or high winds, people will be directed to shelter.

“We’re prepared to make sure we have everything in place to notify people in the case that the stadium needs to be either evacuated or we need to direct people to areas of refuge,” Sera says.

Areas of refuge include “concourses, indoor areas away from glass… the mezzanine level because that’s under cover…

“We use a number of different mechanisms, such as the PA system inside the stadium and outside the stadium, the video boards as well as 1000 TVs that are around the building.”

Serra says it’s the NFL that makes the decision whether to postpone a game.

So he says – there’s a possibility that the game could be going on – and Soldier Field would be directing people to places of refuge because of lightning or high winds.

Serra says the NFL rule is: rain ponchos are OK. But don’t bring umbrellas because they’ll have to be tossed at the gates.

The OEMC said in a statement, “We will continue to monitor the weather and will work with the Bears to ensure the safety of the attendees of today’s game, should weather become an issue.”

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