By Brad Edwards

WASHINGTON, Ill. (CBS) — It’s estimated hundreds of pets were once missing and now found, while dozens await reunions.

CBS 2’s Brad Edwards was at the Tazewell County Animal Control where there was one reunion and one more added to the missing.

Among fields asleep for the winter, reunions are happening at mach pace.

Kevin Cash was missing his cat of nine years.

“I love my little kitty,” said Cash.

But, they are still missing one.

And then, like a thundering herd of buffalo, a big, black lab was found after 96 hours wandering in East Peoria. It had a nice collar, but no tag and no chip.

Pam Lohnes is in charge at Tazewell County Animal Control.

“It gives me goosebumps to think of how many people have called to offer assistance,” said Lohnes.

During an interview with CBS 2, a mother and her son dropped off some donations. Their house was spared, so they’re giving.

One call came in on Tuesday from a man who found a beagle with a collar and a name that was found dead. They’ve yet to find the owner.

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