Graveside Ceremony Marks Anniversary Of Harold Washington’s Death

Mayor Harold Washington

Mayor Harold Washington (Credit: AP)

John Cody. John Cody
John Cody is a veteran reporter for Newsradio 780.
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CHICAGO (CBS) — On this chilly November day the powerful spoke — and many remembered — a dream achieved, then lost, with the election of Chicago’s first African American mayor.

WBBM’s John Cody reports on the grave side service marking the death of Harold Washington 26 years ago today.

There were military honors of course for Harold Washington the military veteran, but there were also singing not of guns, but peace.

Helen Porter proudly awaited the service with her white on blue Harold campaign button.

“He meant change, change for Chicago, the 77 communities. It meant a new start for Chicago,” said Porter.

Harold Washington was Chicago Mayor number 51 and the first African American in the big office in Chicago’s City Hall.