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CHICAGO (CBS) — A central figure in a debit card scam first exposed by the CBS 2 Investigators now faces federal charges.

CBS 2’s Pam Zekman who broke the story has the details on the first of what is expected to be several indictments against Chicago area con men involved in the scheme called cracking cards.

Its called cracking cards because these con men use social media to get their hands on debit cards and pin numbers from people desperate for cash.

On Facebook and Instagrams they show pictures of wads of cash to be made off the banks.

Now one of them, Christopher Cain, has been identified in a federal bank fraud indictment and he’s been held without bond.

Cain is charged with depositing fake checks, totaling about $11,000 in accounts at Fifth Third Banks, and then using someone else’s debit card to withdraw about $6,000 before the bank shut down the account.

U.S. Postal inspectors say college students are the primary targets because they often need money to pay for their tuition, books and other expenses.

They say that while it may have started in Chicago, cracking cards has now spread to other states.

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