By Brad Edwards

WAUKEGAN, Ill. (CBS) — He broke in to a resale shop in Waukegan and worked hard to clean up after himself.

How do we know this? Because he was caught on camera doing it.

CBS 2’s Brad Edwards has the story.

Along the main drag, the police are at Your This and That Shop after it was nearly a clean get-away. Clean, sans the security camera.

“He’s wiping everything, he’s doing a good job. Looked around the register. After he did that he started wiping things down. I thought, well at least he’s not gonna leave it messy for me,” said Gary Laffredi.

Garry owns Your This and That, which sells this or that: fat baby dolls, to phat baby fur coats and more.

“If they catch the guy I’d hire him. He’d be a good janitor for our shop,” said Laffredi.

It happened Monday. A man came in, took cash and then started meticulously cleaning with white cloths, removing prints, Mr. Clean-ishly.

Laffredi says he took $200 in cash, but he didn’t take gold and diamonds, which were unlocked.

“I’m thinking this guy has got to be some kind of a nut, he is spending time cleaning up instead of filling his pockets like he could,” said Laffredi.

Garry is a former Lake County Deputy who just put ina surveillance system.

“He was the cleanest burglar I ever seen,” said Laffredi.

And to cap it all off, the tidy crook went into the bathroom and took the soap.

Waukegan police say it’s isolated. They’re working the case and exhibit A will be the surveillance video.

Police say another strange aspect of the case was the timing. The burglary happened just before six o’clock in the morning.

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