CHICAGO (CBS) — Northwestern University is announcing a new program aimed at getting more graduates of the Chicago Public Schools into the Evanston campus.

The university plans to target up to 200 Chicago Public School students from low-income households who don’t attend one of the city’s selective enrollment high schools.

The goal of the four-year Northwestern Academy is to better prepare them for Northwestern or other top colleges by providing year-round classes, tutoring, college counseling, and other services during high school.

The $5,000-$6,000 tuition will be paid for with donations.

CPS is currently recruiting the first class of 50 freshmen.

“We are grateful to Northwestern University for leveraging its world-class academic resources to expose our students to rigorous learning opportunities that will prepare them for success inside and outside of the classroom,” Mayor Rahm Emanuel said in a statement.

“Northwestern Academy is an example of how an innovative partnership between one of the country’s top universities and CPS can expand access to high-quality education options and open the door to unique learning opportunities and experiences for our students

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