By Marissa Bailey

(CBS) — A new app has exploded in the world of social media: Vine.

People use it to make six-second videos. While that may sound strange, CBS 2’s Marissa Bailey reports Millennials can’t get enough.

Eli Vazquez studies film at Chicago’s Columbia College, but as a senior he had no idea how just six short seconds would change his life.

Vine is an app that allows a user to create a super-short video an then upload it to social media platforms for all to see, from the mundane tasks like your dog watching your every move to a TV news crew interviewing you for a story.

It’s all about creating a buzz.

“Not a whole lot of thinking goes into it,” Vazquez says. “It’s always in the moment mostly, or at least a day ahead of time.”

Mayor players like Dunkin Donuts, Urban Outfitters and even the city’s Divvy bicycle program are using Vine to market themselves.

But the main clientele: Millennials.

Hannah Dytrych from west suburban St. Charles is a Vine sensation, with more than 23,000 followers.

“I try really hard to make them funny,” she says. “I make like everyday scenarios and put a funny twist on them, so people can like relate to them.”

Sometimes, that involves her family, like a video of her mom busting a move.

Vine is owned by Twitter, and while its initial launch in January was explosive, experts say the next big thing could wipe it off the map.

“All social networks eventually age,” says Tracy Samantha Schmidt of Crain’s Communications Inc. “We no longer even have Friendster. So, time will tell what happens with Vine.”

Vine’s closest competitor is Instagram, owned by Facebook. Instagram allows 15-second video clips but also has ads.

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