(CBS) — Nestle has informed a Wisconsin supplier of cheese for its DiGorno and Jack’s frozen pizzas it will no longer accept it’s cheese after an animal rights group documented the abuse of cows, reports WBBM’s Mike Krauser.

The group Mercy For Animals had an undercover investigator with a video camera working for a month at Wiese Brothers’ Farm in Greenleaf Wisconsin.

“We documented workers violently kicking and beating and viciously whipping cows in the face and body, sick or injured cows suffering from open wounds, infections, or injuries left to suffer without proper veterinary care, workers dragging cows by their fragile limbs and necks using chains attached to a tractor,” said the group’s lawyer, Vandhana Bala.

Wiese Brothers’ Farm says in a statement they are “shocked and saddened to see a few employees not following policies for proper animal care.”

Nestle says it is outraged and will no longer accept cheese from the farm.

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